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Holiday Brook Farm Vegetable & Meat CSA Information

Use this link to download a PDF copy of our brochure that you can print and send back to us2012_WholeFarm_Brochure

Holiday Brook Farm produces high-quality vegetables, compost, maple syrup, grass-fed meats & other farm products for our community. Rooted in a four-generation legacy of conservation & stewardship, Dicken, Mary, Carrie & Tim Crane are committed to sharing the farm’s beauty & bounty with the community.

Desiree & Jesse Robertson-DuBois have co-managed the farm’s expanded food production enterprises since 2007.

Our holistic farm practices follow sustainable, natural models to enhance the health & productivity of our crops, livestock & fields. Although not certified organic, we grow the highest quality foods through organic management without harmful chemicals, using our renowned ‘black gold’ compost.

Vegetable CSA

Each week from June to mid-October, members choose from a selection of fresh, organically-grown vegetables, including interesting & unusual varieties as well as old favorites.

We offer shares in large & small sizes. We recommend the larger size for 3-4 people & the smaller size for 1-2 adults (or as a home garden supplement). We do not allow splitting of shares! In addition there are U-pick crops, such as peas, beans, herbs & flowers.

We ask (but don’t require) that all able members donate 4 hours of work in the garden, wash shed or distribution room during the season. Have special needs or skills? We’ll make it work!

Meat CSA

Once or twice a month, members receive a hand-picked selection of our delicious, healthy 100% grass-fed beef, lamb  &/or our pasture-raised pork. There is no better meat than this!

Three share boxes are available in 10 lb., 15lb and 20lbs for distribution after the first Saturday of each  month, either on farm or off at the Lanesboro Farmer’s Market (Wed or Sat).  The exact selection of meat cuts will vary based on what is available, but will meet or exceed the stated weight & will try to accommodate reasonable preferences or requests.

Meat shares run the same season as vegetable CSA. Payment of an initial deposit plus a series of four payments due when you pick up your share. Our meats are also available ‘a la carte’ in our farm-store freezer.


 What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between a farm & its customers.  Buying a share of our harvest lets you share in the risks & rewards of farming, from bumper crops to bust. We design our plantings to give you a reliable supply of fresh produce-all season long. Most of your vegetables will be harvested the day you take them home, providing you with the most wholesome food available. Many Garden members find that being part of a CSA encourages them towards healthier eating habits. Food choices affect our economy, communities & environment. In a world of industrial food production, farmers typically get just a small fraction of each supermarket dollar. This forces smaller farms out of business & leads large farms to rely on harmful practices. Buying direct from local farmers keeps farms in your community & helps sustain us all.




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