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Holiday Brook Farm Maple Syrup 

Shipping is available, please call us for pricing at 413-684-0444. We had a great 2011 season–making around 725 gallons of syrup, however, we got very little lighter grades, but our darker grades are delicious. We encourage you to try our Dark Amber and Grade B syrups- you won’t be disappointed.
Grade A Fancy or Light Amber is light in color and almost floral in flavor, like bottled sunshine- it will light up your day! This is good with fresh fruit. Note: For 2011 we did not get any light amber from our sugarbush this season. Maybe next year!
Grade A Medium Amber has more maple flavor and a heady bouquet that is perfect for Sunday morning pancakes. We got very little of this for our 2011 season. We are sold out!
Gallons~ $60     1/2 Gallons~ $30    Qts~ $20; Pts~ $10;
½ Pints~$7.00

Grade A Dark Amber is rich with flavor and color, it flows across the tongue with delicious sweetness, it is for those who really love maple syrup.   
Gallons~ $60 1/2 Gallons~ $30 Quarts~ $20; Pints~ $10;
½  Pints~$7.00

Grade  B is the darkest maple flavor- rich in flavor- we love it warm over vanilla ice cream.
Gallons~ $60; 1/2 Gallons~ $30; Quarts~ $20; Pints~ $10; ½ Pints~$7.00
Commercial Grade syrup is dark as molasses and tastes like it still has the bark on it . It is rich in micronutrients and minerals if you want a heady syrup for baking this is what you are looking for. Please call for pricing. 

Compost Prices and Information

Our ‘black gold’ compost is made here on the farm of leaves (municipal), horse and cow manure and food waste from area restaurants and grocers. It is turned frequently to aerate and regulate temperature in order to encourage natural bacteria to get to work. Our compost is then screened to remove any clumps, debris or stones so all that is left is beautiful, ready-to-spread compost that is perfect for your garden or lawn. Compost is $40 per yard (contractors/landscapers, please call for prices) plus delivery charge dependent upon distance from farm and which truck is needed to haul the amount of compost you need (it is a flat fee). We can deliver from 3 yards up to 15 yards at a time. 

Don’t know how much you need? We’ve done the calculations for you! 

1 yard is 27 cubic feet of material. This covers: 

 ~162 square feet -2″ deep    or   ~108 square feet- 3″ deep   or   ~81 square feet- 4″ deep 

or   ~54 square feet-  5″ deep   or   ~40 square feet- 6″deep 

We are not bagging our compost at this time- we may do so again in the spring. If you just need a little we have some 5 gallon buckets available (please bring back our buckets!) 

We also sell a Topsoil 50/50 blend where we mix our compost into a sweet, fine topsoil that is free from rocks or stones and is easy to spread. Price is $40/yard. Delivery charges are the same as for our compost.  


We cut our hay from organically managed fields. We use no herbicides or chemical fertilizers, instead we manage weeds and fertility by rotating hay harvests with our herds of sheep & cattle. This is beneficial for both animals and hayfields as we complete the cycle of nutrition and break the parasite cycle so detrimental to good animal health. Our herds eat richly across grass, herb and weed species in our hay fields and leave behind manure supplemented with the kelp & minerals they eat, and our herds also benefit from the regular hay cuttings which solarize the soil surface and kills parasitic worms and eggs.

 We also partner with local dairy farms to take their extra manure and spread our more distant fields which are harder to graze with this by-product.

Hay prices for 2011- We haven’t yet started harvesting hay for this season, but will post first-cut prices as soon as we have any available. 

Wool Yarns

We send our raw wool to be spun at the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, VT. It comes back to us in luscious skeins of buttery soft, creamy ivory from our Clun Forests and in lustrously shiny natural dark silver from our Romney/Leicester ewes.

Skeins are $12/each, approx 4oz and average ~240 yards. Yarn is a 2-ply worsted weight.


6 responses

20 01 2010

We do sell bacon and all sorts of other meats (which we haven’t posted yet). We don’t sell hens cause they are too hard for us to slaughter legally, but we do sell pastured eggs, though at this time of year, they are free-ranging but there is no pasture……In any case, you are welcome to stop by. Give us a call beforehand so that we can be around and not on the back 40 somewhere. Cheers!

4 03 2010

Yes, we do have feed hay available. First cut only- 4.75/bale for good quality grass hay. We do have stemmier first cut that is available for a little cheaper but we advise it only for those animals that are used to it (i.e. we have some goat and horse customers that love it). If you are interested, please call Jesse at 413-358-1572. Thanks!

16 11 2010

I was wondering if I would be able to buy a fresh ham for Christmas, enough to feed 10 people with enough left-overs for sandwiches. How big would it be and how much would it cost?
Thanks very much!

11 05 2011

i just wanted to say how happy I am with the compost that i got. The quality and texture is amazing! I know that my veg garden will be very happy this year. I will be getting more every spring from now on.

5 11 2011
Lynn Santaniello

Couldn’t find prices of your beef, & lamb. We are interested in a whole beef, if you sell it that way. The lamb, probably a leg or 2 & chops. You don’t sell poultry right ? We are in Westfield so would be able to drive to your farm to pick up meat, or do we pick it up @ your butcher after we’ve given them cutting instructions?? Please let me know how to proceed as soon as u r able. 🙂

Lynn & Mario Santaniello

5 11 2011

Hey Lynn- We do not currently sell whole animals as we are only harvesting a few per year right now. Our herd is still growing! We do sell meat CSA shares of beef and we sell beef & lamb by the cut from our farm store. We do have lamb in the store right now and beef will be coming in next week. Call or email for prices on specific cuts. Cheers!

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