CSA & Apprentices

12 02 2012

We are gearing up for the new season! Seeds are ordered- we are looking at new vegetable equipment and we are starting to get excited. Planting in the greenhouse starts next week, so does the next round of hoophouse greens so that we can get a jump on early greens! Our new CSA brochure is ready to download, paper ones will go out in the mail tomorrow to all of last year’s members- there have been a few changes, but one of the bigs ones is that starting around March 1st we will have a new website and folks will be able to sign-up and pay on-line, set up payment plans and all that fun stuff that has been a book-keeping struggle for us for years.  We will also be delivering boxed shares to the Farmers’ Market in Lanesboro on Wed & Sat so if you know of anyone who has been holding back on joining the CSA because they didn’t want to make the trek all the way to the farm- this is their chance to get in on the freshest produce around.

We are looking for apprentices- send strong backs and smiling faces our way! Susan & Tony send everyone their regards and asked us to tell you about their new CSA farm in South Dartmouth, MA, Apponagansett Farm in case you have friends or family out their way! Their Amelia is getting so big and is smilingly adorable- we go to see them all when they came out to bottle maple syrup for their new farmstand. We are so excited to have yet another set of apprentices become farmers- it means that we are fulfilling one of our missions- to educate/train/influence new farmers. In a country where the average age of farmers is drastically rising closer to retirement- we need innovative and educated young farmers to move into this field- someone has to grow the food of the future.

We hope to see everyone soon!

PS. the sheepies are getting very wide- we should have the first of our lambs (and a few kidlets, as Penny the goat will have birthed hers as well) in April this year- we will let you know since you are welcome to visit! New piglets will have arrived by then as well (yep. and it is free. we don’t charge to see baby critters on the farm. we get way too much joy in sharing them with our community).




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