Name That Boar

16 02 2008

Gloucestershire Old Spot Piglets

We’ve got a new addition to our Barnyard- we decided to adopt a Gloucestershire Old Spot piglet from Manda Farm in Plainfield, MA to be our new herd sire. He’s been here for a couple of weeks and he still needs a name so we’d like your suggestions. He came with his two brothers, they will keep him company while he grows up, so in the pics he’s the one with one black ear. Gloucestershire Old Spots are a Heritage Breed, are known to be gentle and sweet-natured, good mothers and grow well on pasture and forage. Both of his parents were simply gorgeous and very gentle when we met them. Help us choose a name for him- nothing too vicious, he will, after all, eventually sport tusks and weigh upwards of 400+ lbs.

Sorry for the short February post- we are busy trying to get all the planning for the coming season done before sugaring gears up. This includes full business plans (with budgets) for the Farm expansion and the Education Program, field plans, seed orders, greenhouse seeding plans, and so much more. We’ll get a proper newsletter out for March.

The biggest thing to note is that if you come by the Farm for pork, syrup or eggs- you should come up to the house because we moved the office there for the winter. It was just too cold and too small to get anything done down there. And the eggs were freezing in the little fridge. Someone is usually around but you can always give a call to make sure. Call the regular farm number, 413-684-0444 which we have been forwarding.

New Gloucestershire Old Spot Boar




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