Spring IS Coming….Soon!

10 04 2007

Jesse drawing off syrupHere at Holiday Farm, the snow is finally melting and we are getting phone calls for compost deliveries, so even though it is still chilly and the pond ice hasn’t melted yet, it appears to be spring. There are other harbringers as well- the ‘Grandfather Thunders’ have taken a walk across our skies already this season and the daffodils are starting to poke up through the frost-hard ground. We are still boiling maple syrup, but even the maple trees are trying to tell us that it is time for us to move on to growing vegetables and getting compost to everyone’s gardens. The sap is starting to take on what we call a ‘bud-like or buddy’ quality and just doesn’t smell quite as sweet as it did just a few days ago. It gets this way when the trees decide that it is time to start making leaves and flowers. So, apparently, the maple trees know something we don’t.

Fog & Maple treeThings are gearing up for the growing season. David Burdick has started coming to the farm regularly to check on the progress of his many beautiful varieties of daffodils that are starting to inch their way through the still frozen soil. Peggy and John Bye are filling their greenhouse with tender young seedlings-growing their way to becoming this season’s CSA vegetables. The horses have been turned out onto pastures not yet green, but are still thrilled to run and frisk across the snowless ground. The Rare Earth market garden and the Children’s Demonstration Garden have yet to break ground, but plans are under way! Seeds and some plants (as Rare Earth doesn’t yet own a greenhouse)are ordered and as soon as the days get warmer and the soil un-freezes and dries a bit, you will begin to see the dark turning of the soil in the garden plots. The farmers are ready to shake off the weary winter dust and get really dirty.

The Education Program is also getting its workshop series underway starting at the end of April with the Earth Day Celebration happening at the Community House in Cummington. Join us on Sunday the 22nd from 10am to 4pm for a coming together party in honor of our planet. There will be activities for children and adults, including demos, workshops and lectures. Look for our booth where we will be highlighting the Compost Food Web & Energy Cycle and kids can dig for ‘treasures’ in our (finished) compost bin. Meet Butch, our corn snake and check out the real charismatic mega-fauna of the compost pile.

You will also be able to pick up hardcopy schedules of upcoming workshops to be offered every other Saturday throughout the growing season and beyond. Otherwise you will find the schedule here on the Education Program’s Page. Check it often as workshops will be added throughout the season and last minute activities can happen quickly on the farm so that we can take the most advantage of the many educational opportunities that present themselves. A flush of salamanders on a warm night in Holiday Brook, a new crop of piglets, the arrival of baby chicks- we would love to share this with you!




One response

17 04 2007
Sienna Wildfield

Hey Des,

Persephone & I look forward to the Children’s Demonstration Garden this summer. What a fantastic idea!

🙂 Sienna

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